What People say

“When I go and have “therapy” I am on the ceiling. ...Steph gently helps me get back onto the floor. I only have time for genuine people and I have found a place that I feel comfortable and genuine in Steph......I can be my self and not judged. ..her whole soul is fabulous. In a world of full of yucky things I am so glad I have “therapy” times in my diary. Words are easy to write but overwhelming gratitude for how i feel when I have had a therapy session is not easy to put into words. Thank you Steph for being you”
Integrative Therapy
I needed help as I was suffered from panic attacks and anxiety. I found that help through Steph. She gave me the tools I needed to feel in control of my life again through a combination of therapies including Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy and Meditation. Steph created a safe, friendly and comforting environment in which she offer me support and I left feeling inspired by her practices to take control of the panic attacks and anxiety
Anxiety Coaching
I gained a great deal from the mindfulness sessions in the sense that I now spend 10 or 20 minutes each morning in preparation for my day & because of that I am able to think clearly & concentrate on the task in hand. I find a great deal of self worth in just smiling & hopefully brightening someone else’s day & people around me seem to respond all the better for it.
Mental Health Support
“Steph is very good at getting the balance right between listening and taking action. Sometimes it’s just a little challenge in your perceptions that get you thinking straight again, other times it’s useful exercises. I really like Steph’s passion and how she’s able to explain the theory behind the body and mind. Fascinating stuff!”
I have really appreciated our sessions, they have really helped me … I have come so far since January and cannot thank you enough. The structure and communication of the sessions work perfectly for me, it is nice to talk to someone without them seeing it as being a problem, your suggestions on how to view what I class as problems, they really help. Not many people know that I have life coaching sessions but recently especially, I am receiving lots of compliments on how healthy I look, and how I have come along
Life Coaching
“Steph had a lovely delivery style and mixed up the content well re practical exercises, inviting participation, giving information and video content. I will definitely try that visualisation exercise for relaxation as I found it really useful.”
Barnsley Hospice
Corporate Wellbeing Session