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struggling to sleep?

Hours of laying awake can feel soul-destroying when you lay thinking about just how much lack of sleep will burden the next day: irritability, lack of focus, lack of productivity, an over-active under performing mind, time away from work or just feeling like you’re going crazy! are all genuine concerns.

You’ve most probably tried everything from meditation to herbal remedies to sleeping pills but you don’t want to rely on taking drugs every night.

Finding a Solution

As a sleep specialist, I  work with coaching, hypnosis and cbt (cognitive behavioral therapy) to help people get better quality sleep and healthier patterns.

Often in conjunction with stress management tools and the teaching of practical sleep science- I’ve found there are ways to re-wire the brain both consciously and unconsciously to develop a better relationship with sleep.

How it Works


Here you have a few options…

Option 1

Take a short masterclass on your area of difficulty online at your own pace in my Masterclasses section here.

Option 2

Take my complete online 8 week immersive D-I-Y course Natural Sleep Strategy Course for only $119 (approx £91)by clicking here



Option 3

Work with me 1-to-1 on your sleep with Sleep Coaching.

1-to-1 sleep coaching begins with 3 weekly sessions.

  1. We look at the science of practicalities of sleep (lifestyle, diet, habits)
  2. We look at emotional causes and mental barriers.
  3. We bring it all together and add some hypnosis for subconscious change.

For many with short-term insomnia this is enough. For others we need to do some more digging and exploration.

Sessions are £55 or a session or £150 for a block of three paid before your first session. Sessions can be either online over Zoom or in person in either Thame or Bicester, Oxfordshire.


Contact me to book your free consultation over the phone or via Zoom

Not sure which option?

Try out my free Mini-Course Get to Sleep to Night when you sign up to my Sleep Newsletter.



What People Say...

Thank you very much for taking the trouble to see how I am. I am sleeping so much better. Plenty of sea air and long dog walks. The main thing that worked incredibly well was your advice on telling myself just going to rest for a bit (I don’t mention sleeping to my brain!,) I certainly will not hesitate to get back in touch with you if my insomnia returns or any other issues arise. I will continue to spread the word regarding your sterling work, professionalism and very calming voice.
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Sleep Coaching Client
"I've always been a bad sleeper and struggled to sleep for years. After having sessions with Steph and following her advice, I sleep through most of the time and on the rare occasionas when I do wake in the night, feel totally relaxed about it and so get back to sleep quickly. Sleep isn't a problem anymore and I now know what to do if I ever fall into bad habits, I use Steph's techniques for a week or two and I'm back to sleeping well again. I would definitely recommending it to others who struggle.”
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Sleep Coaching Client
" Steph really got me thinking about my lifestyle choices and how they affect my sleep. I hadn't really thought about how my daily actions impacted me and getting to know myself better through the course really helped in sleep but also in my energy levels, happiness and sense of being in control of my life " Richard
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