Sleep Coaching bicester

struggling to sleep?

Hours of laying awake can feel soul-destroying when you lay thinking about just how much lack of sleep will burden the next day: irritability, lack of focus, lack of productivity, an over-active under performing mind, time away from work or just feeling like you’re going crazy! are all genuine concerns.

Perhaps you’re one of the millions who wake up with a strong feeling of anxiety? Perhaps you get to sleep fine and then find yourself waking up and unable to get back to it? Do you find that bedtime is a time all those stressful thoughts come rushing in and hours go by before the brain can just stop thinking?

You’ve most probably tried everything from meditation to herbal remedies to sleeping pills but you don’t want to rely on taking drugs every night.

Finding a Solution

Sleep is one of my specialisms as a therapist and I work with coaching, hypnosis and cbt (cognitive behavioral therapy) to help people get better quality sleep and healthier patterns.

Often in conjunction with stress management tools and the teaching of practical sleep science- I’ve found there are ways to re-wire the brain both consciously and unconsciously to develop a better relationship with sleep.

In our coaching sessions, we often begin by looking at your sleep habits and then how your thoughts and feeling about sleep can influence sleep success. Beyond this we work together on trialing different approaches and working with hypnosis to reinforce new sleep habits.

Email me at stephanieclarksontherapies@outlook.com to book your free consultation over the phone or via Zoom (Consultation Bookings at my external clinics incur a £10/£15 fee to cover costs).