Integrative Therapy

Support for mental health barriers such as anxiety, overwhelm, insomnia and confidence. We will undertake a consultation from which we decide an approach that could involve: Coaching, Hypnotherapy, CBT, Solution Focused Therapy, Meditation, Mindfuless or trauma and regression release techniques according to your preference and the best choice for your unique situation.

Sessions are designed to help you understand yourself better to help you to make meaningful change to your life.

While there are no quick-fixes or magic wands, we will work together to explore the tools and ask the right questions that will empower you to continue your journey with your own self care. Think of me as both a guide and reassuring mentor who is there to support and encourage you, while helping you break down those barriers to your best happy self!

I mostly work with: anxiety, insomnia, weight loss and gain, stress and overwhelm.

Life Coaching

In these session we provide a space to explore your true personality and make the right choices for you when moving forwards.

We may look practically at next steps, review options and set goals . We may also explore what drives you, what makes you happy and keeps you in balance.

As a therapist, my style of life coaching is person-centered meaning I’ll encourage you to take a path that contributes to your overall happiness. We will also use visualisation, NLP techniques and other psychological techniques to understand what’s holding you back and break past any barriers to success.

After these sessions you should have a better understanding of who you are, what you want and the actions steps needed to move in that direction!

Business Coaching

Thinking of running or business or in the ‘new-start’ phase? I’d love to help you get going in the best possible way with the least road bumps.

In these sessions we’ll look at the foundations of your business including marketing, finances, long and short term planning, your customer, your product and you as the driving force.

As a qualified therapist we will also work on the emotional side your business: any fears, worries, procrastination, productivity or confidence barriers that are holding you back from success.

My style is a combination of practical advice and exercises, insider-tips and emotional support  to help you make the best start possible to your life as an entrepreneur!

What Qualifies me as Business Coach?

Over the last 10 years I’ve set up and run successful lifestyle businesses as: a gift shop owner, online retailer on the popular platform Etsy, working artist (painter), holistic therapy business (in South Yorkshire), hypnotherapy and coaching business (in Oxfordshire).

Although I can support with many industries, if you’re starting a small lifestyle business in a creative or wellness field, I’m your girl!