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Mindset Coaching & Hypnotherapy

Are you experiencing a lack of confidence, confusion, anxiety, overwhelm, a sleep problem or stress?

Most people come to mindset coaching because they are somehow and in some way stuck. We all get stuck, sometimes just briefly and specific and other times it’s a recurring issue that’s not been successfully worked through yet.

I can help you get unstuck.

Mindset coaching and hypnosis sessions (hypnosis is optional but highly recommended) will use approaches best suited to you which could include : Coaching, Hypnotherapy, CBT, Solution Focused Coaching, NLP, Positive Thinking processes, Meditation, Mindfulness or trauma and regression release techniques.

Sessions are designed to help you understand yourself better to help you to make meaningful change to your life. It’s still you that will need to take action and do the work. But – while there are no quick-fixes or magic wands –  we can work together with tried and tested tools to empower you and head you off in the right direction.

I can help with most problems around stuckness yet I mostly support people with: confidence and nerves, anxiety, productivity and procrastination, insomnia, weight loss and gain, relationship problems, stress and overwhelm.

I’m no stranger to helping people with many or all of the above –  I know I’ve struggled with them all at points!

So if you’re needs are multi-faceted, let’s have a conversation

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Life Coaching

In these session we provide a space to explore your true personality and make the right choices for you when moving forwards.

We may look practically at next steps, review options and set goals . We may also explore what drives you, what makes you happy and keeps you in balance.

My style of life coaching is person-centered meaning I’ll encourage you to take a path that contributes to your overall happiness. We will also use visualisation, NLP techniques and other psychological techniques to understand what’s holding you back and break past any barriers to success.

After these sessions you should have a better understanding of who you are, what you want and the actions steps needed to move in that direction!

Business Coaching

Thinking of running or business or in the ‘new-start’ phase? I’d love to help you get going in the best possible way with the least road bumps.

In these sessions we’ll look any mind-set road blocks when it comes to your new enterprise and help you get and stay in a positive pro-active headspace to really make it happen!

You have the space to be totally honest and open about any fears, worries, procrastination, productivity or confidence barriers that are holding you back from success.

My style is a combination of practical advice and exercises, insider-tips and emotional support  to help you make the best start possible to your life as an entrepreneur!

Although I can support with many industries, if you’re starting a small lifestyle business in a creative or wellness field, personal experience in these sectors will help to enhance our work. Read more about my entrepreneurial experience in the about section.

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