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Reiki Healing

At my Oxfordshire Reiki therapy room, I offer clients the relaxing and healing practise of Usui Reiki.

Reiki is a popular Japanese energy healing technique that works with the natural healing energy in the atmosphere and channels this through the hands of the practitioner into your body’s energy field (aura, chakras, chi, prana) to rebalance your body, mind and spirit.

Reiki works by balancing an individual’s energy systems – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

It is a gentle, no touch therapy which aims to treat holistically and to restore whole-body balance.

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The Treatment

We will begin working on your 7 chakras head to toe and then move to other parts of the energy field wherever need is felt by the practitioner. I generally use light touch on head, feet and limbs and then channel the energy using raised hands on the rest of the body

You'll be covered in a warm blanket if you choose and many people find themselves relaxing into a deep meditative state which is wonderful for rest, relaxation and me time. Reiki brings about deep relaxation, assists in the release of energy blockages and increases the vibrational frequency of the body to provide new vitality.

At the end of the session I will discuss the sensations I noticed and you may share with me- if you wish - your experience. Common experiences are warmth or coolness, tingling, pressure, seeing colours in the minds eye and many others that will be unique to you.

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How often will I need a treatment

Like a massage the benefits of a reiki cleanse aren't eternal and you're energy field may need further clearing in the future. Just like the body stress, illness, poor diet and being in negative environments can all impact the energy field.

If you're new to Reiki, it is best to begin a program of 3 sessions ideally 1 week apart for an initial healing experience and then further sessions as and when required.

Many of my clients I see monthly and a popular choice is the AromaReiki treatment which is mixture of 30 minute Aromatherapy back massage and 30 minutes of Reiki Healing and is £55 for 1hr 15 minutes. I take booking usually 1-2 weeks in advance so do book in early to reserve your spot. This in-person treatment is in Thame, Oxfordshire Only.

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Do you teach Reiki?

Yes! Steph is a level 3 trained Reiki Master and also teaches Reiki Levels 1 & 2 from her home in Oxfordshire.

Once you fall in love with Reiki, it's always a great idea to train in Level 1 which allows you to self-heal at home. You may still wish to see a practitioner from time-to-time as it's lovely to completely relax and allow yourself healing time but it's also great to have the tool for 'one-the-spot' reiki when you need it. Studying for Reiki Level 1 plus occasional professional treatments is, in my opionion, the best of both worlds!