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Law of attraction Coach - online via Zoom

As a life coach, reiki master and spiritual lifestyle mentor Law of Attraction and Manifestation are high on my list of must-haves to a life your love!

Let me help you get through common barriers to law of attraction such as breaking down subconscious limiting beliefs, hypnosis to plant the seed of positivity and practical coaching tools to explore your desires and how to get there.

This service is life coaching with a energetic twist!  Of course there are no quick-fixes and manifestation is a practice that takes work and dedication but if you need a guide to get you started on the path to your optimum destiny I’d love to be your girl!


Contact me here and start the process!

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Law of Attraction Course

I offer a law of attraction course to teach law of attraction basics on my online masterclass series here

Law of Attraction Hypnosis MP3

And a Law of Attraction Hypnosis MP3 here

Law of Attraction Meditations

Gratitude and other of my Meditations to help you Get into A High Vibrational State can be found here on my Youtube Channel

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