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Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Yes. Hypnosis is a great way to get past mental barriers to eating and exercise and establish a positive mindset for success. It’s not a quick-fix (and no, I can’t hypnotise you to not like chocolate) however it can help you to understand what’s going on in your mind that’s stopping you being able to get the body and health you want.

My Hypnosis for weight loss sessions are a mix of coaching and hypnotherapy.

In my experience of helping myself and others there are several essential steps to feeling good about your body and your health.

  • Create some realistic goals to gradually reshape your relationship – it’s often the small things that make the biggest difference, the mind can be reluctant to change so introducing small consistent changes that fit into your lifestyle and stay away from being overwhelming, tend to lead to more long term results.
  • Make the choice for yourself nobody else – Feeling body confident has to come from within. It’s about your relationship with yourself. Of course, the improved nutrition and exercise habits will help with mood and positive feelings of course but ultimately when we choose to heal and help ourselves that inner rebel has nothing to rebel against.
  • Work on the mental game – It’s important to quieten the inner saboteur by shifting negative beliefs you may be carrying. It’s common to take on negative identities that usually come from other people in our environment e.g. ‘fat’ ‘skinny’ ‘you haven’t got it in you’ ‘you’re hopeless’. Working with a coach you can look at the beliefs you’re carrying and begin to shift and challenge them. You don’t have to believe wonderful things about yourself, just that you CAN develop a positive relationship with your body. It’s a personal thing and it’s helps if personal barriers are gently removed.
  • Educate yourself – It’s one thing to be told what we ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ do but when we stop to question why, it’s often the knowledge that is the biggest persuader. When you begin to educate yourself in nutrition and exercise, it can be surprising what good habits you can grow such by making more educated decisions. We’ll include this in your support.
  • Be prepared to go through the discomfort of change – Like any relationship, change isn’t always quick and easy and it’s important to be compassionate with yourself on those days when you do make bad decisions. If you’re prepared for all weathers you have a better chance of seeing set-backs for what they are.
  • Make sure your body is on-board with your decisions – Your body knows when you are starving yourself, indulging, over-working, under-working and your subconscious won’t allow you to do anything that is unhealthy for too long. Considering your body’s reaction in decision making and using hypnosis to work together with your body towards a healthy goal will increase chances of change and successful change far more than any quick fix approach. It really is a partnership.

Work with me to achieve body confidence

My coaching approach works by working with you consciously to plan better choices and then supporting that with your body’s subconscious to allow healthy changes become habit. I do this in an ethical way, looking at long-lasting changes that are truly beneficial to your mood, health and appearance- therefore supporting your confidence and self esteem in the process.

Body coaching with me is both fair and compassionate and a helping hand to help you develop a good relationship with yourself both in terms of exploring what you need to grow confidence and ways to get along better with your body and mind.

You may also find that this style of working is enjoyable and fun rather than common weight-loss approaches based on deprivation and willpower.

If you’d be interested in a chat to talk in person about what’s in offer and explore if it’s the right fit for you. Email me at stephanieclarksontherapies@outlook.com