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How it Works

Most of my students work with me weekly and sessions are scheduled for 1 hour which includes time for homework setting and review.

Online Learning

I work via Zoom using a combination of shared-screen presentations and shared ‘Google Documents’ to complete exercises. Zoom works brilliantly for tutoring as I am able to see what the student is writing on screen and we can share notes on the same document. The learning report is sent via email within 24 hours of the session.

In Your Home

I see students at home in the Bicester area.  In person, we use pen and paper and I bring a small whiteboard with me for teaching when socially distant. During COVID I bring a mask which can either remain worn for the duration of the session or removed once sat apart.

My Teaching Style

I like to be engaged with students throughout, consistently checking on their progress and asking them questions. GoogleDocs is brilliant for this, as I am able to see what the student is writing and able to both verbally support them and write notes.

I prefer to use questioning rather than “telling” the student as I’ve always found that the more active the learner is, the more they will remember. This also builds confidence as the learner is able to receive consistent feedback.

English learning is focused on repeating the same key skills with greater precision. I  plan sessions to revise, re-visit and test the knowledge of the student until it becomes automatic.

Three very easy ways to improve English are: reading, spelling practice and vocabulary building. Each session we will reflect on the student’s current book choice, learn new spellings and use new vocabulary. A little-and-often approach improves the quality of writing overall and is a great confidence-booster.

How is Progress Monitored?

At the end of the session, I write up a session report including:

  • Homework feedback
  • Lesson content
  • Student ability
  • Student engagement
  • Student feedback
  • Homework Set
  • Key skills the session covered

This can be sent to parents/students on request.

Once a month, I review student progress and often plan a “multi-skill” session to test student knowledge and performance.  We then note the key areas to work on and this forms the focus of the next month.

Student’s in their Final year or who are resitting GCSE

When exams are approaching, the schedule focuses on working through mock exams. We look closely at the exam criteria , translating the jargon into plain English so that the student understands what is being asked for each question. We then practice questions together with consistent feedback and reference to the marking criteria. By the time of the exam, the student will not only be aware of what is needed for each question but also have an understanding of how their work will be marked.

You can book your initial consultation call by emailing stephanieclarksononline@outlook.com

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