EFT – Emotional Freedom technique therapy

Also known as ‘tapping’, Emotional Freedom Technique is an effective way to manage specific memories, thoughts and future concerns by using acupressure points to flush the bodies meridians thus removing the mind/body connection to the event and bring a sense of calm and neutrality to the issue.

Your therapist will teach you the tapping technique to administer at home and walk you through a series of ‘rounds’ of the technique to diminish and explore a particular issue that creates a negative emotional response in the body.

Many clients love tapping and often use it as a first port of call when anxious or fearful.

It’s a great technique that can be used whenever you feel a negative emotion or as a preventative technique to work through all aspects of an emotional issue ahead of time (e.g. flying, phobias, an upcoming social event, an upcoming performance, a relationship that brings negative feeling)

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