Crack the code of the Law of Attraction

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A four step masterclass on Manifestation using the Law of Attraction from life coach and Reiki Master Stephanie Clarkson.

We cover BOTH the psychological barriers and enhance that often hold people back from manifesting. This is a course about the ‘truth’ of law of attractions with common pitfalls covered and myths de-bunked.

And all in less than an hour!

Here’s the four main areas we will explore together:

1. How to find release limiting beliefs

2 . How to Release limiting beliefs with a simple CBT tool &  energetically release negative beliefs with EFT

3. How to Set Effective Manifestation Goals using Vision Board and Visioning techniques

4. How to Maintain High Frequency Energy in Daily Life to Keep yourself on a path to your desires

Want to manifest your desired properly, with true expert insight?

Join me on this course and start manifesting your dreams today!