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cbt for sleep and mindfulness for better sleep

CBT & Mindfulness for better sleep

Sleep Coach and Hypnotherapist Steph Clarkson shares key sleep strategies that help clients get to sleep quicker and easier.

In this short course Steph will explore CBT for insomnia techniques, how to stop catastrophising and get to sleep, how to distract the mind to sleep better and brain hacks for better sleep.

She’ll also cover the sleep science you need to know to get to sleep easier and feel more confident in your natural ability to sleep well.

Following on we’ll talk about what Mindfulness is and how it can help you to switch off from your worries, live in the now and take a breather from sleep stress.

Follow along with your downloadable workbook and enjoy the extra Sleep Relaxation Meditation included to reinforce the learning and get to sleep quickly and easily!

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