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Anxiety Coaching

What is Anxiety Coaching?

Mindset Coach, Online Tutor and Therapist Steph Clarkson

Anxiety coaching is designed to help you find calm and confidence.

It’s a 1-to-1 approach that supports you in moving away from uncomfortable physical and mental symptoms and towards feeling able to cope.

A style of anxiety therapy, we’ll work together using cutting edge and tried-and-tested approaches.

Anxiety coaching may include:

– Hypnotherapy for anxiety
– Visualisation
– EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
– Mindfulness
– EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation)
– Meditation for Anxiety
– CBT counseling for anxiety control.

These techniques can help to explore your unique response to anxiety triggers and reprogram the mind for calm.

Why work with me

I have worked extensively with anxiety therapy for the past 5 years as a hypnotherapist, coach. I’ve helped with health anxiety, social anxiety, fears and phobias, self consciousness and much more!

There are many approaches we can take to support you to reduce and manage your anxiety .

Anxiety Therapy with Steph Clarkson in Thame and Bicester
“I needed help as I was suffered from panic attacks and anxiety. I found that help through Steph. She gave me the tools I needed to feel in control of my life again through a combination of therapies including Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy and Meditation. Steph created a safe, friendly and comforting environment in which she offer me support and I left feeling inspired by her practices to take control of the panic attacks and anxiety ”
Anxiety Therapy with Steph Clarkson in Thame and Bicester
Anxiety Therapy Client
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Get in touch if:

  • You want to learn how to take back control over your mind and your feelings .
  • You’re experiencing overwhelm or panic attacks and it’s making you say no.
  • You know you have potential but you’re stuck and feeling low.
“Steph is very good at getting the balance right between listening and taking action. Sometimes it’s just a little challenge in your perceptions that get you thinking straight again, other times it’s useful exercises. I really like Steph’s passion and how she’s able to explain the theory behind the body and mind. Fascinating stuff!”
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