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Hypnosis for phobias bicester

Freedom from Phobias

Hypnotherapy is well-known for it’s ability to tap into the unconscious fearful-part of our minds and resolve irrational fears and phobias. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist I’ve helped many people overcome fear and move on to live happier, less restricted lives.

Phobias are generally due to incidents that happened as a child that the subconscious mind has labelled as ‘dangerous’ and continued aversion behavior (fear, sweating, shaking, anxiety) into later life.

This natural phenomenon is very useful when it comes to sensible threats such as checking the road before crossing but can be very frustrating when the brain learns these patterns around harmless things.

Perhaps you remember what started it, or perhaps the event is long forgotten. In either case phobias can be undone.

Hypnosis is the perfect tool for getting in touch with that deeper part of us and helping it to understand that it may have understood things in a way that’s not quite right.

Using regression and suggestion therapy the subconscious is asked to re-evaluate the problem with adult eyes and often this alone will cause a shift.

Conscious work such as thinking, calming and energy shifting strategies will help you consciously prepare yourself for the possibility of encountering your fear which often loses it’s strength when explored in sessions.

How Session’s work?

Phobia hypnosis and coaching is tailored entirely to you and delivered in 1 hour sessions in a 1-to-1 format with a tailored downloadable audio for each session to reinforce the subconscious learning at home.

Minimum booking for phobias is 3 sessions at a rate of £180 payable at the first session and recommended fortnightly. Any further sessions needed beyond the 3 are payable individually at £60 per session.

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