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How to make your office space more zen

5 Tips for Less Stress at your Desk

Stephanie Clarkson, coach and simple lifestyle mentor

1. Clean the Air with Peace Lilies

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Plants such as peace-lilies are great for cleansing the air and giving out much needed oxygen.

I love peace lilies so much I even named my holistic gift shop after them. They’re easy to take care of, hardy, pretty and delightful when they flower!

Studies have shown that even the sight of green and nature has been shown to calm and relax us.

Cacti and succulents are also low maintenance and great for greens so grab yourself a few plants to de-stress,

2. Work in the ‘now’

Do you ever find yourself wondering about what the response will be to an email? Fretting about what will happen in this afternoon’s meeting? Checking the inbox over and over ‘just in case’ there’s a reply?

Most of us clutter our minds by things we can’t influence.

Mindfulness teaches us to think about the moment we are experiencing and focus on the now.

Prioritise 3 most important tasks to do in the day and stick with them until complete, bringing your attention back if you find yourself musing over anything that’s happened or coming up.

Not only will you feel a calm sense of control, but you’ll be amazed at how much more you get done!

3. Scent-sational stress-buster

Did you essential oils are proven to enter the body’s blood-stream and olfactory brain centers working internally to help and heal.

Oils such as lavender, orange and ylang ylang are perfect for relaxation and herbs such as basil and rosemary are excellent for focus.

Spray in a room spray or dab a few drops on a tissue and keep in your drawer for a quick inhalation… and relax.

4. Chin up
Did you know that when you sit up straight with your chin up you can trick your ‘brain’ into thinking it’s happy?

The mind associates posture with feeling so by keeping your head held high, the body’s feel-good chemicals are increased.

An easy way to implement this in the office is to lower your seat or raise your PC, straighten the back of your office chair and keep post-its and reminders in high places.

Double your high-spirits by placing a photograph of a loved-one or funny post-card somewhere high too!


5.. Mid-morning breathing meditation

Think you have to close your eyes and sit in the lotus position to meditate? Not at all.

Meditating is all about reducing – not removing – your mind traffic.

A simple way to do this is to take a 5 minute timer  and keep a soft gaze on a point in the room while you breathe slowly and deeply.

Put your attention on your breath; noticing the physical sensations such as the rise and fall of the diaphragm expanding, the heat of your breath in your nostrils and mouth, the sound.

Even if your mind does wander, the extra-oxygen will make you feel more relaxed, however try to let the thoughts go when they come along and take your focus back to your breathing.

No time to meditate? – even having a break for 2 minutes in the day will help you think clearer and be more productive in the time you have.

Everyone can find two minutes during the working day and this activity can be done just as easily sat at your desk, in the car, or even better outside in the fresh air.

Check out the free meditations on my Youtube channel here to get you started



So that’s it! Apply these techniques every day to enjoy a calmer, more productive working life!



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