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Hello, I'm Steph, I'm an English Teacher...

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I help KS2 (years 5/6), KS3 (year 7-8) & GCSE (Years 9-11)  students to succeed without struggling. I do this by focusing on four key areas..


  • Reading comprehension.
  • Punctuation, grammar, spelling and vocabulary building.
  • Analysing other writers’ work using sophisticated language.
  • Writing creative stories, articles, letters, reports and speeches using a variety of styles.
Sessions are a mixture of writing, analysis and studying new concepts. Students are encouraged to have fun and let their imaginations soar!


I’m an experienced teacher with 6 years in formal education, teaching all levels of English and supporting: those that struggle, those that excel and those that are somewhere in the middle and would like to improve.

During my formal teaching career, I was personally awarded an “outstanding” rating by both Huddersfield University and OFSTED inspectors. I hold a Masters Degree in Creative Writing and a Bachelors Degree in Creative Writing including poetry, short story writing, journalism and screen-writing.

I believe English should be fun, expressive and correct.


Students progress by learning and re-learning key skills  in a repeating study cycle that reinforces abilities until the point where they are second-nature.




how Does it Work?

Contact Me Today... Email stephanieclarksononline@outlook.com to book in a free, informal telephone or Zoom chat or call me on 07714579665.

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