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Wish you could understand your mind better?
Control the way you think and feel to get results?
Feel like you know what to do but a part of you is anxious?


Ever heard of the phrase ‘it’s easier said than done’?

As a mindset coach, when I hear this, I feel that human recognition that it’s easy for all of us to be influenced by our thoughts and feelings.


Consider me an alchemist of the scientific, the emotional and the spiritual. I work with a blend of hypnosis, NLP, coaching, CBT, sleep and lifestyle coaching and energy work. I also use the experience of a life-long passion with self development.

I’m firstly a teacher and secondly a mindset coach. I help you to understand:

a) How your mind works.
b) Why it does what it does.
c ) How to get it to work for you!

I teach practical, relatable courses and work in an informal, pro-active way with 1-to-1s.  Access mindset coaching and hypnosis locally in Bicester, Thame and Online.

Enjoy my short courses and intensive training programmes in your own time via the web.

I’d love to help to empower you to navigate this chapter of your life with confidence!

Keep in touch and follow me on social for updates, quick tips and well being inspiration,

Bon voyage!



Stephanie Clarkson, Mindset Coach and Hypnotherapist
S.A.C.Dip. DHP Acc. Hyp. PGCE. MA


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Why work With Steph...

I have been working for Stephanie for some time now and found her to be excellent in unravelling the inner workings of my mind and helping me achieve focus and clarity with both work and personal life. Stephanie has a great depth of experience and has offered me valuable guidance and support; I am now seeing tangible results in achieving the goals she helped me set using the techniques she taught me. I would recommend Stephanie wholeheartedly””
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Life Coaching
““I have really appreciated our sessions, they have really helped me … I have come so far since January and cannot thank you enough. The structure and communication of the sessions work perfectly for me... Not many people know that I have life coaching sessions but I am receiving lots of compliments on how healthy I look, and how I have come along”
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